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On this page can be found various reports on efforts to characterize the impacts of wind and solar generation on power system operations as well as integration of these energy sources. In an effort to try and house as much relevant information as possible on this page, please feel free to send suggestions to on reports and other items that should be posted here. All items here are in the public domain.

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Types of Publications

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  • Summaries

    • Wind Integration State of the Art Summary View Material
    • National Conference of State Legislatures Wind Integration Primer View Material
    • EPRI Wind Integration Impacts Summary View Material
    • Integrating Wind and Solar Energy in the U.S. Bulk Power System: Lessons from Regional Integration Studies View Material

    Industry Links

    Wind Market Summary

    UVIG has released an updated version of a summary table detailing markets and market rules for variable generation (VG) in North America. Capturing the state of markets as of March 2015, the document is the third update of a table first issued in December 2004.

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    Forecasting Table

    UVIG is pleased to make available the summary table Central Wind Power Forecasting Programs in North America by Regional Transmission Organizations and Electric Utilities. Published in December 2009 as a report by the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the document w

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    Principles for Technical Review Committees

    A properly constituted TRC assists the project sponsors in ensuring that the quality of the technical work and the accuracy of results will be as high as possible. TRC participation will also enhance the credibility and acceptance of the study results throughout the affected stakeholder communities. And TRC members will be qualified to carry the key messages of the study to their respective sectors.

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    Magazine Articles from UVIG Staff

    The article “Questions About Utility Wind Integration” from RMEL’s Electric Energy magazine. Reproduced with permission from RMEL

    The article “Integrating Wind Generation into Utility Systems” from the September 2006 issue of North American Windpower. Reproduced with permission from Zackin Publications

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    FAQs on Utility-Scale Wind Power

    The Utility Wind Integration Group is pleased to make available a document answering Frequently Asked Questions on Utility-Scale Wind Power. This document was developed as part of the Distributed Wind Evaluation Methodology project funded by the American Public Power Association’s Demonstration of Energy Efficient Developments (DEED) Program and the Centre for Energy Advancement through Technological Innovation (CEATI) Distribution Assets Life Cycle Management Interest Group. Full of links to sources of additional information, the publication is intended to help utilities and their customers determine whether wind generation is a technically viable option to meet their power supply needs.

    View the FAQ Document